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Full Access annually (FAA)

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Full Access offers a comprehensive solution for connecting IT specialists with relevant projects and maximizing their potential. By combining Lead Aggregator and Traffic Sources subscriptions, users can benefit from a wide range of advantages simultaneously. The Lead Aggregator feature enables users to receive applications for actual projects that match their tech stack and business model, whether it be outsource, outstaff, cost+, or a combination of these models. This service helps save money on marketing, lead generation, and sales efforts by providing a hybrid traffic channel with over 600 sources. Users can work with pre-screened MQL and SQL leads that have been moderated and sorted to ensure relevance. The sorting criteria are customized for each user based on their specific business model and tech stack, such as Java, iOS, React, PHP, and more. If users have IT specialists available or soon to be available, they can provide information about their skills and availability to be matched with suitable projects. Additionally, the service offers assistance in transferring skilled IT specialists from less marginal projects to more high-impact and profitable projects. Overall, this subscription service aims to promote and maximize the potential of IT specialists by connecting them with the right projects and opportunities.